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Hello – my name is Jamie Katz


I’m a glass artist from San Diego

California, currently living in

Rochester, New York to pursue an MFA in glass

at Rochester Institute of Technology. 


I have been working in glass for 14 years

now, exploring and expanding its possibilities

and limits.  


I am interested in space exploration. All space exploration. The space around us, the space 

we move through, the space we are taking up. What is space? What makes it significant? How do we experience it and the world around us? These are all lines of inquiry my work seeks to investigate. 


I work in all modes of glass, and I feel that whatever method of glass working is most appropriate to a piece is what I will use. Sometimes my work uses furnace glass, others employ flame worked and kiln cast glass. My most recent work is an investigation into the relationship between the projector and glass. I feel this exploration lends itself well to talking about space and glass. 



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